All along the coastline west of the beach, between the north limit (True bearing = 048o from Buarcos light beacon ́s white sector) and the bearing defined by the north breakwater, there are sandy beds with gentle slopes.

The area of anchorage was recently defined in a regulation issued by the Maritime Authority, between the points

A: Lat-40° 09’,3 N; Long-008° 57’,0 W

B: Lat-40° 08’,8 N; Long-008° 57’,0 W

C: Lat-40° 09’,3 N; Long-008° 55’,7 W

D: Lat-40° 08’,8 N; Long-008° 55’,7 W

Inside the port there are no anchorage areas, mooring being mandatory for all vessels berthing, except in very exceptional conditions, analysed by the port authority.