Founded in 1983 to handle cargos inside the port of Figueira da Foz. Our missions has always been to deliver quality port services, assuring sustainable competitiveness, contributing to the development of its region.

In its first complete year of operations, 1985, we handled about 368.000 tons, and during the 80’s the target was to reach 500.000 tpa which was finally reached in 1988. In 1990 we’ve handled 536.000 tons and 10 years latter 678.000 tons. In 2007, due to various investments in equipment, and supporting our customer’s capacity upgrades, Operfoz handled in excess of 1 million tons by the first time ever. In 2011, in part due to the construction of the north breakwater system, we’ve reached our historical record handling about 1.455.000 tons.

Since 1983 we have invested in state of the art equipment, replacing ourselves to the functions that were normally conducted by the port authority, to bring our productivity to optimum levels in order to be market conform.